Sara Gale is our secret volunteer extraordinaire!! She volunteers behind the scenes and her main role is promoting RS on social media platforms under the guidance of 'Stan'.

She has proven her willingness to help wherever it's needed: whether it be adapting the website, helping with fundraising ideas, or re-formatting our Sponsorship form. If you need assistance you know you can always call upon Sara. She may not always have the answer straight away but she will NOT give up until she does. She is a regular 'Jock of all Trades!'

This page alone confirms this. How many hours did she spend figuring out the website? I'm not sure but it was a lot - perhaps even days' worth crying over her laptop!! However, all's well that end's well - as the saying goes. She managed to get the hang of things with a little further guidance from her mentor Shhhtan!! 

07578 537112

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