Charles Christian

Born & bred in Scarborough - went to St Martins and then the Boys High School - lived there until I went to Leeds University and then Law School in London. Now live in South Norfolk.

I’m a  lawyer-turned-journalist and long term music fan – I used to roadie for a couple of school bands - and saw the Beatles & Stones etc at The Futurist (RiP) - and in more recent times I’ve been producing podcasts and working as a presenter on UK internet and FM music radio stations. (And I’m also the author of a book on the folklore & legends of the Yorkshire Wolds - and was commissioned by the Daily Express to go on a werewolf hunt in Hull a couple of years ago.)


I have two shows - both weekly and pre-re-recorded.


The first is talk radio: the Weird Tales Radio Show - which is about ghosts, folklore, witchcraft and things that go bump in the night but with a touch of humour. It currently goes out on podcast, internet radio and a couple of big US paranormal radio networks. You can find the full archive here…


The second is the Americana Music Radio Show - a brand new show about Americana music (including alt-country, blues, roots, indie-folk) that takes a UK perspective - UK artistes making it big in the US/US acts touring the UK - and includes short interviews and a run-down of the UK Americana album chart. It was taken up by six stations and it now goes out on UK and US internet radio stations, including CMR Nashville, which is Europe’s largest country music station.You can find the full archive here…